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XENIA TCHOUMI digital entrepreneur, fashion inspiration

Xenia Tchoumi this year appeared on BBC World News Global to talk about female empowerment and subsequently spoke at the United Nations about how she became a digital influencer and an entrepreneur as well as how to make it in the digital jungle and why it empowers women. Her story inspires people to take theContinue Reading “XENIA TCHOUMI digital entrepreneur, fashion inspiration”

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This week, we catch up with Lorena Puica, the founder and CEO of iamYiam, a science-based natural health and wellbeing hub launching in London in January 2016. iamYiam offers highly personalised wellbeing plans and advice tailored to clients’ specific needs which are identified through genetic profiling techniques, scientific recommendations and individual wellbeing goals, delivering highlyContinue Reading “THE EXPERTS: LORENA PUICA, IAMYIAM”

Life Stories


This months Life Stories is lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur Julia Cameron, who found herself living a toxic and rather damaging lifestyle to compensate for low self-esteem and a sense of disconnect but somehow found the strength to turn her life around by focusing on personal development and spirituality. Read on for an inspiring story of perseverance, gratitude and innerContinue Reading “LIFE STORIES: JULIA CAMERON”