psycleW H A T : Testing out Psycle, the latest spinning sensation to come to London. 

W H E R E : Psycle have two central locations: 76 Mortimer Street, London, W1W 7SA & Unit 46, Level -2, Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5LQ

T H E  L O W D O W N : Psycle launched in February 2014 with the ambition to provide busy Londoners with the most enjoyable way to improve their total body fitness and stay healthy. Psycle wants to change how people think about exercise, and believes your state of mind is the key to how often and how hard you exercise. It’s why everything from the environment to the experience is designed to put you in the right state of mind to get the very most out of your workout – inspiring you both mentally and physically, transforming your body. To achieve this, the Psycle experience combines a signature total body workout on a bike, with expertly chosen soundtracks and musically motivated classes, led by inspirational and fun instructors who will make sure you get the very best out of your time in the class. 

“We’ve re-written the rulebook. Forget everything you think about indoor cycling – this is nothing like it. The classes are put together in a way that anyone and everyone can come in and enjoy. There is no competitive element in Psycle classes. It’s all about a group of people working together to great music, creating unbelievable energy in the room to improve their bodies and their state of mind. ” – Psycle 

In addition to a great workout, Psycle offer a wide variety of healthy food, highly acclaimed beauty products and a capsule sportswear collection – as well as nutritional advice, with the appointment of Rhian Stephenson as Psycle’s resident nutritionist and CEO, who offers advice and services, providing a complete wellness experience. To make it even easier to take part of the Psycle movement – there is no membership or contracts required. With a full packed schedule throughout the day, you can just sign up and go! 


B E S T  F O R : The workout is specifically designed to strengthen the body’s core and tone key body parts, whilst burning maximum calories in 45 minutes. The class provides a whole body workout using both High Intensity Interval Training combined with Low Impact exercises on a stationary bike, with certain sections incorporate light hand-weights for an all over toning effect. Programmes are curated around emotionally driven music pushing the body and the metabolism out of its comfort zone in short, sharp sessions. 

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R E C A P : To sum it up – Psycle is by far the hardest spinning we have ever tried – and dangerously addictive. From start to finish, Psycle is an impressive concept; from entering their glossy and fresh studios, to their immaculate changing rooms with everything you need from Bumble & Bumble hair care, ila body and face wash, straighteners, skincare and body care – to the actual spin – which is the most motivating and energetic fitness activity we have tried in a long while (if ever). Spinning isn’t for the faint hearted and might not be for everyone, but Psycle has really managed to bridge the gap of an exclusive concept, catered for the mass. With motivating (not patronising instructors), great music to keep you going and sense of community within the class – we were left happy, sweaty, sore… and excited to get back on that bike for our next session. 


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As part of their 360 approach to wellness – make sure you check out their amazing Community blog page – featuring an inspiring interview with Nutritional Therapist Eva Kalinik, to the Anatomy of a Smoothie, by Psycle´s resident nutritionist Rhian Stephenson (an absolute MUST read). 

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