Seasonal Eats


July is here and with the suns nurturing rays were getting new seasonal produce. You can still buy last months produce as a lot of summer produce runs throughout the season but July is all about berries and fruit, enjoy them au naturel and savour the flavour.

  • C H E R R I E S
    • These are just coming into season. Enjoy them with some coconut ice cream or add to your morning porridge for a yummy, sweet touch.
  • R A S P B E R R I E S
    • As these grow in abundance we make sure to freeze some for coming months. Then we enjoy some fresh with mint and ice cream, muddled with a bit of champagne for a cool summer drink or in fruit salads and smoothies.
  • R E D  C U R R E N T S
    • Use red currents to make a lovely summer drink. Lightly boil 6 L of berries (red currents, raspberries, strawberries) with 2 L of water. When boiled strain through a cloth until all the juices are out, press with a spoon to extract the last drops of juice. Add maple syrup to taste then store in an air-tight glass bottle.
  • W A X  B E A N S
    • These are just lovely, their light colour, waxy texture and subtle flavour. To prepare simmer in salt water for a few minutes, strain the water, toss with extra virgin olive oil and crack some fresh black pepper then finish off by sprinkling with large flakes of pecorino.

• S T G  T I P •
Make sure to stock up on your favourite goods in-season and freeze for use later in the year! Also, please note we’ve focused on the Northern Hemisphere as that is where we are based but lot’s of countries offer seasonal guides we’re sure you can find online!

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