What Makes Chanel A Never-Ending Classic

What Makes Chanel A Never-Ending Classic

Every year I save up my Boots Advantage Card points so that around Christmas and New Year I can treat myself to something I wouldn’t normally buy because either it’s too expensive or I just haven’t come across it before. Anyway last Christmas I decided I wanted to treat myself to Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Parfum but didn’t have enough points on the card, so I bought the parfum and got the moisturiser with my points. I’ve never really believed that buying a moisturiser in the same scent as your perfume makes that much difference but then I’ve never been one to buy a moisturiser by a perfume brand. I always invest in good quality moisturiser aimed at hydrating and nourishing the skin rather than simply making it smell pretty.

But I do love Coco Mademoiselle and thought this would be a real extravagant treat, and it most certainly was! I only opened it yesterday because I wanted to finish off the Sanctuary one my mum bought me for Christmas first, so I opened up this pretty box yesterday and it’s quite heavy since it’s made from frosted glass and it smells divine, I felt spoilt rotten when I put it on, and actually didn’t need to use a great deal because its so rich and creamy.

What I don’t like is how it’s in a tub but there’s no spatula to apply it with, which means your average Jo Bloggs will be putting their fingers in it thus reducing its lifespan because of bacteria and cross-contamination, I hate that so many big brands fail to supply one of those, its terrible in my opinion. Unfortunately my Eau De Parfum has completely run out – Good job I still have my teensy bottle of pure Parfum!!

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