Are you ready to continue the summer challenge with burpees this week?! We literally love-hate burpees, they are real killers but once weve done them it just feels so good and we love that feeling when we can suddenly do a burpee or two more than previously its invigorating.

Burpees were created as a way to evaluate a persons fitness level and have since then evolved into one of the most demanding and ultimate body weight movements. Each repetition puts each muscle group to work in a short space of time which means its a also a great way to improve your overall condition and whats even better is that you only need your body and a small space to perform them.

To see how burpees are done correctly have someone at your gym show you or take a look on YouTube. It takes 5-6 movements in total to put together one burpee. If you havent done them before we suggest starting at a reasonable pace. Its much better to go at a steady pace than to start of too fast and have to stop in the middle, as maintaining momentum is easier than continuing after a rest. So for the 10-15 burpees we suggest going a bit faster but for the rest of the week pick a pace you can maintain and do them firm and steady.

We challenge you to start tomorrow and increase by 5 repetitions a day throughout the week:

  • Monday: 10 burpees
  • Tuesday: 15 burpees
  • Wednesday: 20 burpees
  • Thursday: 25 burpees
  • Friday: 30 burpees
  • Saturday: 35 burpees
  • Sunday: 40 burpees

Dont feel defeated if its hard at first, were totally with you on that one! But the more you push the quicker youll build strength and stamina and soon enough youll be pushing out those burpees without blinking!

Inspire us with your photos using #STGWeeklyChallenge on Instagram and we’ll share your picture in our roundup at the end of the week! Please note we can only see public accounts, so if you are private and would like to partake feel free to send your image to us as a direct message via Instagram. 

Co-Founder & Editor, STG Born in the UK to British/Mexican parents, Charlotte grew up in a global arena eventually ending up in Stockholm, where she lives today. A marketing professional by day , health advocate by night, recognised for her knowledge and insight of all things health and wellbeing.