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XENIA TCHOUMI digital entrepreneur, fashion inspiration

Xenia Tchoumi this year appeared on BBC World News Global to talk about female empowerment and subsequently spoke at the United Nations about how she became a digital influencer and an entrepreneur as well as how to make it in the digital jungle and why it empowers women. Her story inspires people to take theContinue Reading “XENIA TCHOUMI digital entrepreneur, fashion inspiration”


What Makes Chanel A Never-Ending Classic

Every year I save up my Boots Advantage Card points so that around Christmas and New Year I can treat myself to something I wouldn’t normally buy because either it’s too expensive or I just haven’t come across it before. Anyway last Christmas I decided I wanted to treat myself to Chanel Coco Mademoiselle ParfumContinue Reading “What Makes Chanel A Never-Ending Classic”


Benefits of Aloe Vera Overnight Face Masks

Sleeping is a healing process for the entire body as well as for the skin. Skin cells grow & repair in the night and go into makeover while sleeping. By that time, skin cells need nutrients the most, to fix damage caused during the day and ensure waking you up looking refresh and beautiful best.Continue Reading “Benefits of Aloe Vera Overnight Face Masks”